Artificial insemination surrogacy

Artificial insemination surrogacy is a third-party reproduction program that helps those who want to bring child (ren) into this world an opportunity to meet their dreams, despite fertility issues.

Unlike gestational surrogacy where the genetic mother or donor eggs are used in artificial insemination surrogacy the surrogate’s eggs are used. This small difference reduces the cost and time expenses.

This technology is most trusted among surrogacy options. It is also known as traditional surrogacy. In the course of it, women agrees to undergo artificial semination by sperm of the future father or donor, gestate the child and give it to legal parents after birth.

Traditional surrogacy usually involves intrauterine insemination, where the sperm of the father-to-be is placed in the uterus of a surrogate. In the case of gestational surrogacy, the IVF method is used. IVF is a more reliable method, because fertilization takes place in a test tube in a laboratory. Together with preimplantation genetic screening and diagnostic technologies (PGD&PGS), it enables control over the risks of hereditary diseases.

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Our artificial insemination surrogacy

Artificial insemination surrogacy is a safe and reliable reproductive technique, which helps to bring a new baby into this world.

It is particularly useful for couples, women and assigned female at birth, who wanted to create a family, but have infertility, relative or absolute contraindications for pregnancy:

  • elevated risk of hereditary disease of female or assigned female at birth partner

  • have underwent chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • have ovaries or uterus removed in the course of a surgery
  • hormonal disorders which make ovarian stimulation impossible (history of heavy ovarian syndrome)
  • no-responders to ovarian stimulation
  • menopause
  • poor quality of eggs
  • elevated increased levels of gonadotropins
  • high previous unsuccessful IVF attempts (the embryo does not attach to uterus)
  • increased levels of gonadotropins or being born without uterus or ovaries
  • history of miscarriege
  • anemia (Hb<100g/L)
  • eating disorder
  • uncontrolled type I diabetes, thyroid disorder, serious cardiovascular, respiratory or systemic disorder
  • lesbian couples
  • transgender couples
Unlike gestational surrogacy where surrogate (gestational carrier ) only carries (gestates) a baby during artificial insemination surrogacy the surrogate both provides eggs and carries the embryo. Because of it artificial insemination surrogacy isa solution to all, even most severe problems with female reproductive health and can be used as third-party reproduction for a single parent.

Our artificial insemination surrogacy

“Create U future” provides all sorts of third-party reproductive services, including connected with artificial insemination surrogacy, which include third-party reproduction in USA:

Fertility consultation

During free zoom call our specialist will help you figure out if artificial insemination surrogacy is best of all possible third-party reproduction options for your particular case, which will be later confirmed by our fertility specialists

Donor and surrogacy search

We provide access to our international database of third party donations including  semen donors and traditional or artificial insemination surrogacy . We organize the whole process of sperm donation, which gives us tools to ensure the best possible quality of donor material.

In Depth checks of all donors and surrogates, which includes IQ tests, psychological assessment and genetic testing, the team of professional lawyers and fertility specialists let us deliver the best possible results on market.

We are also ready to help you to negotiate non-profit surrogacy if one of your relatives is ready to gestate a baby for you.

Addressing the legal issues

Inasmuch artificial insemination surrogacy is more complicated legally then gestational surrogacy the expertise of lawyers is especially important to secure transfer of parental rights. Also according to USA third-party reproduction law the procedure is legal in one group of states, but illegal in others, which makes high levels of expertise especially important.

We are so sure that in our lawyers that we are willing to give 100% money back guarantees in case of any legal complications connected to our artificial insemination surrogacy services if needed. 

Psychological support

Fertility journey can be long, full of ups and downs, and even exhausting at times. However it doesn’t have to be this way. We provide 24/7 support of experienced specialists on our hot-line and weekly individual sessions with certified therapists who do their best to help you on your fertility journey.

Why choose us for artificial insemination surrogacy?

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial insemination surrogacy/ traditional surrogacy


  • No need for ovarian stimulation, which has a lot of contraindications and possible detrimental side effects or exhaustive process of looking for donor eggs.

  • More reasonable cost, compared to gestational surrogacy.


  • The legal process is complicated, so a secure company like Create U Future is needed.
  • The personality and genetic background of a surrogate become more important, so profound donor checks are needed. “Create U Future” database has reliable information about all of our surrogates including in depth genetic screening and psychological assessment.

Issues, which helps to decide between artificial insemination surrogacy and gestational one

Is a relationship with a surrogate after the birth of the child of interest for you?

Artificial insemination surrogacy creates a bond between surrogate mother and baby, which can be helpful for the intended family. Many of our surrogates are young scientists, entrepreneurs, and world class athletes. Good role model for a child.

Is genetic bound to a baby both valuable and available to an intended mother?

Artificial insemination surrogacy, also known as traditional, is especially helpful for those mothers who don’t find a genetic link to a baby valuable or available for them. If it is not your case gestational surrogacy might be a better alternative for you.

Are health risks more important for you than risks to spend more time?

Artificial insemination surrogacy unlike gestational one comes with zero health risks, but due to legal matters you might need to spend more time if surrogate refuses to to transfer custody rights.

Legal issues

It is important to note that regulations crucial for artificial insemination surrogacy are different from country to country, and even between different states of the US.

Successful procedure of traditional surrogacy requires sophisticated legal procedures from parental rights termination to adoption to new parents. Inasmuch the whole legal process requires expert knowledge of law (sometimes laws of different countries) and excellent negotiating skills,  the service of lawyers is extremely important through the whole process. 

“Create U Future '' solves all legal issues for you: from drafting, signing and negotiating  contracts to custody rights transfer bringing you safe and secure artificial insemination surrogacy in US, Europe and Asia.

Psychology of the whole process

Over the course of the pregnancy the surrogate will feel attachment to the baby she carries. It is a normal process, which helps women to follow healthy lifestyle guidelines, which is needed for optimal development of a future baby. This is particularly true for artificial insemination (traditional) surrogacy, where a surrogate not only gestates the baby, but shares a genetic link . Traditional surrogates more often than gestational ones are ready to help the family of a child, to take part in his or her future.

The technique

For medical specialists artificial insemination surrogacy is a rather simple procedure compared to gestational surrogacy, which lowers the risks of complications. Neither future mother, nor surrogate need to take any fertility medication or undergo egg retrieval process, because it is the eggs of surrogate which will be used in a process and artificial insemination takes place in the womb, and not in a “lab cylinder”. 

The relative simplicity also makes it most beneficial in terms of third party reproduction cost.

How Does Gestational Surrogacy Work?

In the course of “Artificial Insemination surrogacy” sperm is taken from the father or a male donor and implanted inside the surrogate in hopes of fertilization.  Artificial insemination as a procedure is also called “Intro-Uterine Insemination” (IUI) because the insemination (and hopeful fertilization) will happen inside the woman’s uterus.

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