In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with Donor Sperm

When couples face severe infertility problems due to the male health issues IVF using donor sperm can be the best choice. It is also widely used to prevent transmission of heritable and sexually transmitted disease from father to future child. To sum up, this technology helps couples, single women and assigned female at birth, who are unable to conceive due to the health issues of the future father the chance to have a family and experience the joy of parenthood. This kind of assisted reproductive technology shares key stages with ordinary IVF procedure. The only difference is sperm. Instead of future father sperm the donor sperm are used in the IVF with sperm donation.

IVF treatment with donor sperm gives individuals or couples who are unable to meet their hope to raise a child a hope. It needs to be noted that the well organised work of qualified fertility experts, legal advisers is needed for overall success. The procedure is simple, but not easy. IVF with semen donation may involve several social, medical and legal barriers. The better you are informed, the better your decisions will be. ‚ÄúCreate U future‚ÄĚ experts are always ready to help in navigating through the perplexing medical, legal and emotional maze, so you can make better decisions for you and your child(ren) in the future. You can schedule a free zoom call with us through the form below.

You can schedule a free zoom call with us through the form below.

What is and Who Needs IVF with Sperm Donation?

IVF with donor sperm is a medical technique that helps couples and singles to meet their dreams of parenting. In many ways it  resembles ordinary IVF. The only difference is sperm. 

Just like in ordinary IVF the eggs of the future mother are fertilized in a lab and an embryo is implanted into the womb.  During IVF with donor sperm instead of the sperm of a future father the donor sperm is used to eliminate potential risks of male’s infertility, hereditary and sexually transmitted disease.

This procedure is often recommended to:

  • Couples are at high risk of delivering a child with congenital anomalies due to the husband's genetic or sexually transmitted disease

  • Couples in which the man is unable to conceive due to castration, lack of testicles, low sperm count
  • Women who are not married and do not have a permanent sexual partner and want to raise their own baby by themselves
  • LGBTQ* couples

Shared motherhood program - for LGBT couples we provide a variation of Reciprocal IVF technique that allows both partners to be biologically involved in parenting. In this case one of the partners provides eggs and the other does the gestation.

Why choose us for third-party reproductive services?

Personalized approach

In "Create U future" we know that every case is different. From the very beginning we work with you to find the best treatment plan for your particular case, surround you with care covering all issues from insurance and financial support, to thorough diagnosis.

All inclusive program

"Create U Future" 24/7 complex team delivers complex all inclusive programm, we are able to be with our clients on all stages from donor search and legal issues to maternity services, guarantee the adherence to modern protocols at all stages of the procedure. By providing access to the best professionals and international standards of practice, we save your time, money and protect the health of the future mother and child.

Short period of selection of a donor

The company has an international donor database, covering the USA, Europe, Asia, and other regions, contracts with sperm banks across the world, facilities for which allows for the selection of a donor within a short period.

Profound donor checks

All our donors undergo in depth genetic screening to eliminate the risk of hereditary and sexually transmitted disease, psychological assessment (including IQ) and fertility checks to ensure highest possible quality of donor material.

No age limit for patients or their spouses

Although the effectiveness of all reproductive techniques is indeed lowering with age of the spouse, modern techniques give chance to patients even after menopause.

Becoming a parent is one of the most serious and lasting decisions in human life.

The proper outcome of the IVF treatment with donor sperm requires a high level of experience of lawyers and  fertility specialists, strict adherence to the protocols and guidelines at all stages, thorough check of donor material to ensure health of future mother and child.

Stages of IVF using donor sperm

Preliminary consultation


To ensure that IVF with donor sperm is the best option for the client, our staff make thorough analysis of the patient's medical history, fertility testing and more.

From the very beginning we work with you to find the best treatment plan for your particular case, surround you with care covering all issues from insurance and legal issues to thorough diagnosis. The surrogacy services are also provided if needed

Choosing sperm donor


Our international donor database, covering the USA, Europe, Asia, and other regions facilities allows for the selection of a donor within a short period. Modern preservation technologies  make it possible to transfer sperm and store them, so there is no need to travel abroad to fulfill the dream of parenthood.

Our patients are completely free to choose a sperm donor, although we provide recommendations to make this difficult task easier.

Control the height
The size of the fetus is largely defined by the height of the parents, due to genetic differences. A fetus too large may cause complications during pregnancy. Because of this reason we recommend future parents to choose a donor whose height will be slightly different from the height of the mother.
Read the donor questionnaire
All our donors undergo profound psychological assessment, which allows us to learn about their personality, character traits, including IQ which were shown to be partly genetic.
Avoid Rh conflict
If the future mother is Rh-negative you should choose between Rh-negative donors to avoid Rh-conflict, which is the pathological state when the immune system of the mother starts to attack the fetus

Preparation for pregnancy


The successful pregnancy and delivery may require lifestyle changes. ‚ÄúCreate u Future‚ÄĚ provides consultations with nutriciologists, physical therapy specialists that will help you to ensure a safer journey through pregnancy.

Preparation for IVF procedure


Personally tailored hormonal stimulation of superovulation (a kind of ovulation where several oocytes mature at the same time) is used on this stage. To create it our fertility specialist analyze the hormone levels in blood and ultrasound finding on the ovaries. The goal of this stage is to increase the chances of successful pregnancy. This process takes 1,5-2 weeks.

Collecting the oocities


The retrieval of oocytes is almost painless procedure, which is done through as little as 30 minutes and mild anesthesia will be used. According to our statistics most patients successfully return to work the next day after the procedure experiencing only minor side effects or no side effects at all.

In vitro fertilization (where insemination takes place) and Embryo transfer


The eggs are fertilized by the spermatozoa of the donor father. After a few days the implantation takes place. The healthiest embryos - 1 or 2 - are transferred to the uterus of the future mother. Abnormal embryos are eliminated.  Embryo transfer is an easy procedure that does not require anesthesia. The embryos are injected into the womb through tiny needle. The patient is additionally prescribed progesterone medications to ensure a successful start of the pregnancy. Create U Future also provides the opportunity to choose the gender of chosen embryos, and save unused embryos for later storage through vitrification (a special kind of freezing technology).

Maternity services


"Create U Future" provide wide range of maternity services to ensure successful pregnancy resolution

IVF with donor sperm success rates

For the age group 35 or younger the success rate is 20%

For the age group 36-39 the success rate is 23%

For the age group 40-43 the success rate is 14%

IVF with donor sperm usually has a higher success rate, but if you compare a single IVF cycle with and without donor sperm the figures are often similar.

It needs to be noted that there are a number of factors defining chances of success in your particular case:

  1. medical history;
  2. history of attempts to become pregnant;
  3. age group, which is largely define the state of your oocytes;

Generally the younger you are, the higher are chances for success.

IVF with donor sperm cost

Create U Future offers cycles of IVF with donor sperm at a fee of $.... 

In complicated cases individualised treatment protocols may include additional techniques which can affect the sperm donor IVF cost. Our team will offer your wide spread of individualized options and financial instruments, so the  cost of ivf with donor sperm could be affordable to you.

Claim your free zoom call with us to calculate the cost of IVF with donor sperm in your particular case.

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