Donor Egg IVF Treatment

Ivf with donor eggs is a way to help couples, women and assigned females at birth who are unable to conceive the chance to have a family and experience the joy of parenthood. Advances in embryology created multiple opportunities for individuals and couples, Donor egg IVF is one of them. This kind of fertility treatment has very much in common with ordinary IVF procedure. The only difference is eggs. Instead of future mother eggs the donor eggs are used in the donor egg ivf procedure.

We do believe that IVF treatment with donor eggs is in line with universal human values, as it gives individuals or couples who are unable to meet their hope to raise a child a hope. However, It needs to be taken into account that ivf through donor egg is not simple. It takes  well organised work of qualified fertility experts, legal advisers to be successful.
ivf with egg donor can be socially and legally complicated and the more reliable information you have, the better your decisions will be. ‚ÄúCreate U future‚ÄĚ employees are ready to share our experience to help you navigate through the perplexing emotional and legal issues, so you can make the best possible decision for you and your child(ren) in the future.

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What is IVF with donor eggs and who is it for?

IVF using donor eggs are especially helpful for women and assigned female at birth who want to get pregnant in following cases:

  • high risk of hereditary disease
  • menopause
  • poor quality of eggs
  • have had chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • surgical removal of (parts of) ovaries or uterus
  • hormonal disorders which make ovarian stimulation impossible (history of heavy ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, elevated increased levels of gonadotropins¬†
  • high¬† previous unsuccessful IVF attempts (the embryo does not attach to uterus)
  • increased levels of gonadotropins or being born without uterus or ovaries.¬†

Unlike sperm donation, the egg donation procedure requires hormonal stimulation of both donor and a future mother. A variation of IVF procedures is used. 

Why choose us?

Full cycle service
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The results of the IVF treatment with donor eggs is largely  defined by the experience and the level of professionalism of lawyers and  fertility specialists, strict adherence to the protocols and guidelines at all stages.

Inasmuch, as the ‚ÄúCreate U Future‚ÄĚ team provides solutions for all stages of procedure from donor search and legal issues to maternity services we are able to monitor the adherence to modern protocols at all stages of the procedure. By providing access to the best professionals and international standards of practice, we save your time, money and protect the health of the future mother and child.

Short period of selection of a donor - The company has an international donor database, covering the USA, Europe, Asia, and other regions, facilities for which allows for the selection of a donor within a short period.

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IVF with donor eggs process

Key steps of IVF with donor eggs procedure are:

  • 1. Gathering information

  • 2. Choosing an oocyte donor

  • 3. Preparation for the IVF procedure.¬†
  • 4. Synchronization of the monthly cycle, and collecting the oocities
  • 5. In vitro fertilization (where insemination takes place)
  • 6. Embryo transfer
  • 7. Pregnancy services


To ensure that IVF with donor eggs is the best option for the client, our staff make thorough analysis of the patient's medical history, fertility testing and more. Even if ivf with donor eggs is unlikely to get desired result, we offer a range of other reproductive technologies including surrogacy.

Donor selection


Create U future provides access to an international database of donors. Thanks to modern preservation technologies it is possible to transfer oocities and store them, so there is no need to travel abroad to fulfill the dream of parenthood.
Patients choose their own egg donor. However, there are a few recommendations to make this difficult task easier.

Avoid Rh conflict

When choosing an oocyte donor, patients should consider her Rh factor.

If the female recipient is Rh-negative, you should choose among Rh-negative donors. This will help avoid problems associated with the so-called Rh conflict during pregnancy, when the immune system of the mother begins to produce antibodies, "considering" the fetus a foreign element.

Watch the height 

The patient may be advised to choose a donor whose height is the same or slightly different from her height, because taller people's genetic material tend to result in larger fetuses. A fetus too big may lead to complications during pregnancy and labour . A deviation of up to seven centimeters is considered safe and acceptable.

Read the donor questionnaire

The egg donor fills out a detailed questionnaire from which you can learn about his education, profession, hobbies. The questionnaire helps patients form an idea of the donor's personality, mental abilities and temperament, which are known to be partly heritable. It is possible to request the results of a potential donor's IQ test.

Hormonal stimulation


The patient and the donor will need to take hormonal medications to help synchronize menstrual cycles.  

The next stage is hormonal stimulation of superovulation (a kind of ovulation where several oocytes mature at the same time) for the donor and therapy for the recipient woman to prepare her body for pregnancy. The goal of this stage is to ensure the growth of endometrium in the future mother and the maturation of donor follicles, inasmuch as they are both necessary for the successful implantation of an embryo.

Obtaining oocities and in vitro fertilisation


At the next stage the donor's oocytes are obtained through puncture and fertilized in vitro by the spermatozoa of the future father. 

Spindle nuclear transfer

‚ÄúCreate U Future‚ÄĚ provides access to state of art, cutting-edge fertility technology called spindle nuclear transfer. This technology is especially useful for women, who faced age-related infertility linked to their mitochondria - the power station of the cell, lesbian couples and women who faced genetic or mitochondrial disease.

How it works?

Research in reproductology revealed that there are 3 main heritable factors that have a major effect on fertility and health of a future child:

  1. genetic material from the mother;
  2. genetic material from the father;
  3. mitochondria, which the child inherits from the mother.

In case the mother has healthy genes, but sick mitochondria (due to her age or specific disease) she can use donor mitochondria  using spindle nuclear transfer.

If the mother has healthy mitochondria, but has genetic illness she can use her own mitochondria and donor genes, thanks to this technology.

Lesbian and afab couples could also benefit from this technology using the genetic material of a donor and the parent A and mitochondria of the parent B, using spindle nuclear transfer. 

Embrio transfer


After a few days the healthiest embryos - 1 or 2 - are transferred to the uterus of the future mother. Create U Future provides the opportunity to save unused embryos for later storage.  

Embryo transfer is an easy procedure that does not require anesthesia. The patient is additionally prescribed progesterone medications to ensure a successful start of the pregnancy.

Success rates of IVF with donor eggs


The average success rates across the US


Using 3 cycles of IVF with donor eggs rate

IVF treatment with donor eggs is a safe, secure method. This technology has been known for almost 40 years (since 1983). The average success rates across the US is 50%. Using 3 cycles of IVF with donor eggs we reach 86,1% success rate. On the flip side the success rate in your particular case is defined by a number of factors: the lifestyle, diet, genetics of father, mother and donor.

To ensure best results for mother and child we offer preparation courses which can include consultations with a psychologist, dietologist and fitness coach. Together they help to tame addictions, form new healthy habits and increase your chances for successful treatment.

Success rates of IVF with donor eggs

Create U Future offers cycles of IVF with donor eggs at a fee of $.... 

This cost of ivf with donor eggs includes all expenses including access to international database of donors, cost of monitoring, medications that are needed to obtain hyperovulation state in donor and prepare mother for pregnancy, egg freezing and thaw, in vitro fertilisation, embryo implantation procedure, ultrasound scans, luteinizing hormone and pregnancy tests. The cost of donor egg ivf in Create U Future also includes regular workshops with leading experts in the field of assisted reproductive technology which we organise for our staff.  Our company uses a fee for service model in defining the donor egg ivf cost. This means that you pay only for cycles that actually were done and not for estimated numbers as in the shared risk model. 

If you order a pregnancy preparation program too you can get a 5 % discount.

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