Biotech company, innovations, genetic engineering, research, startup cases
Biotech company, innovations, genetic engineering, research, startup cases

About us

“Create U future” - the private company, whose headquarters are located in Palo Alto. It is dedicated to giving technological and innovative initiatives in the field of biotechnology and genetics, neurotechnology, AI, medicine, and longevity easier access to the market.

“Create U future" also offers an international surrogacy service, pregnancy management, and supervision after birth. Genetic analysis of embryos, legal support for the entire pregnancy.

The company owns a reliable database of surrogate mothers from all over the world, organizes all procedures needed, including IVF, ICSI on a turn-key basis.



On interference in the affairs of nature

Our company supports fundamental research in biotechnology and global issues.

We help people who want to give their genetic material be it oocities or sperm to meet their dream to help people become parents.

We also help those who want to take part in non-profit surrogacy.


do we offer

"The main business aspect of this project are reproductive technologies addressing  the problems of infertility, incompatibility and providing opportunities for couples as well as single men and women to have a healthy child according to desired parameters, selection by eye color and gender,"Our biotech platform "Create U future" is dedicated to solving these problems

One of the most important projects of Our company is “Surrogacy+”.

We conducted sociological research. We found that divorse rate including hidden part (couples that do not actually live together) can reach 80%. As a result a lot of men are deprived of the possibility to raise their own children, to share their successes and failures.
Our company provides a solution “surrogacy+”

Under the “surrogacy+” agreement, the contracted mother provides an egg and/or a gestation, helps with the selection of personnel for child care, draws up educational and training programs, implements and monitors their implementation, and the man receives full custody of the child, a reliable guarantee of his parenthood.

Such a contract mothers not only teach, educate, and care, but also enrich lives. From cooking gourmet meals to teaching music, Japanese or French language or the art of horseback riding.

We know that the best mother for your child will be the one that suits your unique personality.

That's why we at Create U Future conduct in-depth interviews with our clients, hunt for the cream de la cream, organize meetings, guide you through the hiring process, help you with any issues that arise in relationships, parenting and even help to prevent them.

With our extensive network of contacts around the world, we are greatly expanding your horizons. We make incredible encounters happen that would hardly ever happen in  the course of normal life.

Our base of contract mothers includes elite models, female athletes, and graduates of the world's leading universities.

Indeed, you can't buy a healthy, happy family, but you can increase your chances of having one. 

Innovative cases

Mutations: From plants to human

Scientific advances are helping to accelerate the evolutionary process by genetically modifying crops.

Science makes it possible to obtain genetically modified food.

Gene modification has been shown to prevent genetic liver failure in mouse embryos.

CRISPR technology is a powerful tool for editing genomes.


Do we offer

Biotech Research

We provide means for a quick startup launch, assistance in investments, legal support, intellectual property protection, and entering the international market.

Fertility Services

Our reproductive technologies addressing the problems of infertility, incompatibility and providing opportunities for couples as well as single men and women to have a healthy child according to desired parameters, selection by eye color, and gender.


choose us?

Becoming a parent is one of the most serious and lasting decisions in human life.

The proper outcome of any fertility technique requires a high level of experience of lawyers and fertility specialists, strict adherence to the protocols and guidelines at all stages, thorough check of donor material to ensure health of future mother and child.

Personalized approach


In “Create U future” we know that every case is different. From the very beginning we work with you to find the best treatment plan for your particular case, surround you with care covering all issues from insurance and financial support, to thorough diagnosis.

All-inclusive program


“Create U Future” 24/7 complex team delivers a complex all-inclusive program, we are able to be with our clients at all stages from donor search and legal issues to maternity services, guarantee the adherence to modern protocols at all stages of the procedure. By providing access to the best professionals and international standards of practice, we save your time, money and protect the health of the future mother and child. 

A short period of selection of a donor


The company has an international donor database, covering the USA, Europe, Asia, and other regions, facilities for which allows for the selection of a donor within a short period.

Profound donor checks


All our donors undergo profound genetic screening to eliminate the risk of hereditary and sexually transmitted disease, psychological assessment (including IQ), and fertility checks to ensure highest possible quality of donor material.

No age limit for patients or their spouses


Although the effectiveness of all reproductive techniques is indeed lowering with age of the spouse, modern techniques give chance to patients even after menopause.

Cryopreservation available


We offer cryopreservation services if you want to save your genetic material, sperm, embrions to increase your chances to become a parent later.


Children born through IVF and other reproductive technologies are sterile

Numerous studies have shown that children born through IVF are no different from normal children.


IVF often results in multiple births

This myth is based on the evidence of an outdated technique in which the zygotes were cultured for 3 days before being transferred to the mother. With this length of time, fetal survival was low and scientists had to transplant several eggs.

Now scientists have learned how to culture zygotes up to day 5, which makes the survival rate of embryos much higher and no additional embryos are needed, and the percentage of twins is equal to that of natural conception.

Myth #3

Pregnancies associated with reproductive technologies are always heavier than a conventional pregnancy.

Pregnancies associated with reproductive technologies are always heavier than a conventional pregnancy.

Myth #4

IVF depletes the egg supply.

IVF activates only those follicles that should have died in the current cycle.

Myth #5

IVF increases the risk of cancer.

Numerous studies have shown that the risk of cancer does not increase with IVF.


What our patients say

  • I'm a 38 years old single woman, who has found that her maternal instincts started to growl. I dreamed of having a baby. Luckily, I found the great team at Create u Future who gave me a good recommendation - IVF with donor eggs and sperm. Thanks to that, I became Laura's mom today.

    Jennifer / Boston, USA

  • My name is Barbara and I am 40 years old. For several years, my husband and I dreamed of becoming parents. Luckily I decided to do IVF with donor eggs. I was followed up and cared for by the "Create U Future" team during the whole period of my pregnancy and they gave me all the help and support that I needed. And I'm so happy that I heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time. It's a very strong feeling and it's all thanks to the team at Create U Future. We made the right choice to call Create U Future.

    Barbara, San Francisco, USA


Surrogate mother

When reproductive technology is needed?
  • Previous diagnosis of infertility
  • Failure to conceive
  • Ovarian surgery
  • Delayed motherhood
  • Lack of a sexual partner (involuntary infertility)
  • Oncopathology and planned radiation or chemotherapy
  • The menstrual cycle disorder, the presence of polycystic disease
  • Conservative infertility treatment methods do not help
  • One of the spouses has a genetic disease
  • LGBTQ* couples
What lifestyle changes can increase your chances for a successful pregnancy?
  • Get your weight back to physiological norms. Avoid extreme diets, after which the weight quickly returns to its previous value. Add more proteins, fresh vegetables, fruits and greens to your diet. Avoid fast food. Try to monitor the amount of salt. If you have a body mass index less than normal, you may need to gain weight. You should do this only on the recommendation of a reproductive therapist.
  • Give up smoking, coffee, and alcohol.
  • Build a habit to exercise moderately, such as walking, pilates, yoga, dancing, swimming. If you have been working out hard at the gym, gradually reduce the load on the body, especially on the abs.
  • Do not take supplements and vitamin complexes without a doctor's prescription. Folic acid is the maximum you can take to prepare for IVF on your own.
  • Learn cognitive behavioral techniques and practice them daily. This will help you overcome difficulties and prepare mentally.
  • Avoid overheating and overcooling.
  • Observe preventive measures in pandemic conditions - use personal protective equipment and wash your hands more often after visiting public places.
Is it possible to protect eggs from aging?

Yes. In Create A Future we have such a technology. It is called cryopreservation. This technology was popularised in Sweden, where reproductive health is viewed as an integral part of overall health. In recent years, there has been a boom in egg cryopreservation for young women who do not suffer from infertility, but want to keep their young, quality eggs in order to use them in the future. Cryopreservation of your own eggs is available at Create U Future.

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Until now, it was believed that changing the plant gene, as if in the tale of Munchausen and the cherry tree that grew on the head of a forest deer, would lead to mutations within the human body.

But it turns out that the panic played by the layman was the most cruel joke, spread by ignoramuses and lobbyists of traditional technologies.

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