Third-party Reproduction Services

Third-party reproduction services are a set of fertility techniques where the help of a donor is utilized. In this case, third-party donations include eggs, sperm, embryos, or gestation are used to help to deliver a healthy, full-term baby. third-party reproduction is especially effective in complicated cases.

We firmly believe that such techniques promote universal human values by giving individuals or couples who are unable to meet their hope to raise a child. On the flip side, it requires the conjoint work of fertility specialists, legal advisers to be successful. The third-party reproduction program can be socially and legally complex and the more trusted information you have, the more clear your decisions will be. “Create U future” specialists are ready to share our experience to help you navigate through the complex emotional and legal matters now, so you can make the best possible decision for you and your child(ren) in the future.

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What is third-party reproduction?

Third-party reproduction is a group of assisted reproductive technologies that require a help of a donor. Those technologies are especially helpful for couples and single parents who suffer from male and/or female infertility, hereditary diseases, miscarriages. It is also useful for members of the LGBTQ* community.

Third-party reproduction options include using donor sperm, oocytes, embryos, gestational carriage. Create U future provides access to an international base of donors and gestational carriers, which allows families to fulfill their dream of having a child. All sperm donors, egg donors, embryo donors, gestational carriers are thoroughly checked in terms of their physical, mental, and emotional health, which increases the chances of a healthy full-term baby.

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Our third-party reproduction options

Sperm donation


Sperm donation is a widely used form of third-party reproductive services. Usually, it is used to help couples struggling with male infertility factors or hereditary mutation, women who are ready to become a mother without a spouse, and members of the LGBTQ community.

Some people can ask someone they know to become their donor by themselves. However, this choice leads to a lot of emotional tension and complicated legal issues. Due to this fact, the guidance of a lawyer familiar with USA third-party reproduction law is strongly advised. 

“Create U future” provides access to an international base of sperm donors and qualified legal advice, which makes access to sperm donation easier and safer.

Egg donation


Donor eggs are especially helpful for women who faced menopause, poor quality of eggs, high risk of hereditary disease, have had chemotherapy or radiation therapy, surgical removal of ovaries or uterus, or being born without uterus or ovaries. Unlike sperm donation, the egg donation procedure requires hormonal stimulation of both donor and a future mother. A variation of IVF procedures is used.

Embryo donation


The use of donor embryos is often suggested for couples where both partners have infertility problems or a high risk of hereditary disease. Those cases are widely known as dual or double infertility. Also, it is utilized as third-party reproduction for a single parent to help single women who faced repeated miscarriages due to embryonic factors.

Embryo donation is not only helping couples to fulfill their dreams of raising a child. It is also helpful for couples who lovingly created viable embryos, through IVF, but who feel their family is complete. Donating their embryos to the proper recipients' results in all of their embryos have a chance to be born, rather than being donated to science, frozen, or simply discarded. 

From a legal side, embryo transfer resembles adoption, so legal expertise is needed to avoid complications.

“Create U future” provides access to an international base of embryo donors and qualified legal advice, which makes access to embryo donation easier and safer.

Gestational Carrier


A gestational carrier is a woman who carries a fetus for another couple or person (intended parent[s]).

The help of gestational carriers is often used to help women who struggle from high risk of miscarriage or have uterus malformations, despite having viable embryos. It could be also utilized by LBGTQ and transgender individuals and couples.

During necessary procedures, the egg/sperm//embryos are used via donors or retrieved from the future parent(s). After in vitro fertilization (if needed), the embryos are transferred to a gestational carrier’s uterus. Gestational carriers are meticulously tested in terms of health and wellbeing and must have had at least one successful pregnancy in the past. Unlike traditional surrogacy, the carrier does not provide the egg and is therefore not biologically (genetically) related to the child. However the legal questions are still in place, so expert consultation is needed to guarantee the proper status of the child.

“Create U Future” specialists are delighted to share their expertise in all legal and fertility matters connected to the help of gestational carriers, provide access to a trusted international database of gestational carriers, organize pregnancy care helping you to open the door to your parenting reality.

Why choose us for third-party reproductive services?

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The success of the Third-party Reproduction Services depends on the strict adherence to the protocols and guidelines at all stages, the professionalism of the fertility and legal experts.

At Create U Future, we offer a full-cycle service from donor search and legal issues to maternity services. This means that we monitor the adherence to modern protocols at all stages of the procedure. We provide access to the best professionals and international standards of practice, which saves you time, money and keeps the health of the mother and child. In addition, the company has an international donor database, covering the USA, Europe, Asia, and other regions, facilities for third-party reproduction in the USA and Europe, which allows for the selection of a donor within a short period.

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