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Bringing a child is natural, but not easy. The prospects of miscarriage, genetic mutations, developmental aberrations, sterility, the medical complications and even lifelong disability is reality that needs to face. It is especially concerning for older adults, those who have a family history of genetic disease or miscarriage.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in fertility treatment those risks are preventable.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that IVF surrogacy success rates is 75%. The success rate for successful birth once a gestational carrier becomes pregnant is even higher - 95%.

Read to learn if surrogacy using IVF may benefit you, how to choose a surrogate mother (also known as birth mother and gestational surrogate) and IVF clinic.

What Is IVF Surrogacy

"Create U future" services include:

  • in vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • donor Egg Program
  • frozen Embryo transfer
  • artificial insemination
  • preimplantation genetic diagnosis

In vitro fertilization surrogacy (IVF surrogacy) is a reproductive technique, which is especially helpful for singles and couples, who have medical or personal contraindications for pregnancy or suffer from infertility. During the course of IVF surrogacy women agree to get pregnant and give birth to a child for another person or couple who will have all custody rights of the child after it is born. The most important difference between traditional surrogacy and IVF surrogacy is following:

In traditional surrogacy birth mother (surrogate) eggs are used and semen of donor or parent is delivered using Artificial insemination. It makes a surrogate a genetic relative of the baby, which causes additional psychological and legal risks.

In IVF (gestational) surrogacy, the gestational carrier (birth mother) has no genetic link to the newborn, because the eggs belong to a client or a donor.
“Create U Future” owns the secure international database of gestational carriers, organizes all procedures, including IVF, ICSI on turn key basis.

The company also offers: preimplantation genetic diagnostics and screening, complete set of pregnancy services and legal consultation.

Why choose us?

Fertility journey is often puzzling and unpredictable. Therefore reliable, professional partners are vital.

In “Create U Future” we build an ecosystem dedicated to ensure the health of future mother and child. It includes experienced attorneys and embryologists,  adherent to the state of the art protocols and guidelines, profound examination of donor material. Here you can find

All inclusive program

We take pride in our team of experienced lawyers, fertility specialists, psychologists, nutritionists, and financial consultants, who are ready to deal with complicated reproductive issues. In "Сreate U Future" you could find help on each stage of your fertility journey from finding a donor and solving perplexing legal issues to preparing for pregnancy and delivery. By giving access to the best specialists and international standards of practice, we protect health, save time and money.

Personalized approach

"There are no similar patients" is our maxim. Our standard is profound analysis of your particular case. This allows the creation of the best possible treatment plan. We tailor to your personal needs be it diagnosis, medical history, insurance issues, financial situation, preimplantation genetic testing.

Out-and-out donor checks

Genetic screening helps us to prevent transfer of genetic and venereal disease.

Age is just a number

Modern reproductive technology of “Create U Future” gives you an opportunity to deliver a child even after menopause.


Cryopreservation gives you additional chances of successful delivery, preserves genetic material be it sperm, eggs or embryos.

IVF Surrogacy Procedure

Zoom call


Schedule a free Zoom call with us and we answer all questions about IVF surrogacy and find out if IVF surrogacy is the best option in your particular case.

Tests and analyses


At "Create U future" we develop personally tailored treatment options saving the health of you and your future child(ren). Our staff conduct thorough analysis of the patient's medical data including fertility testing, ultrasound procedures, genetic testing and more to develop optimal treatment plan in your particular case. Even if IVF surrogacy is unlikely to get desired results, we offer a range of other reproductive technologies including traditional surrogacy and IVF with donor material, be it sperm cells or eggs.

We also offer genetic tests that allow you to reduce the potential risk of new mutations and hereditary disease.

Tacking all of this into account we develop your personal treatment plan.

The selection of gestational carrier (surrogate)


International database of gestational carriers allows us to conduct IVF in US and other countries, select potential carriers by race, religion, age, sexual orientation, and personality traits. Profound donor checks let us prefilter surrogates who are likely to develop Rh-conflict with future children, those who are unlikely to deliver successfully due to various reasons (advanced age, health and lifestyle issues, BMI, psychological condition, list goes on).

Personal meetings are organized, which helps you to be sure in your decision. If you already have a relative or a friend willing to be your child’s birth mother we are happy to help you with the following stages.

Legal support


"Create U Future" attorneys provide sample contracts, explain the parties' the terms of agreement, birth mother fees, risks and guarantees. Our lawyers not only help you with documents - they follow up to make sure that your process goes in line with it. Anytime they are ready to protect your rights, follow medical professionals to make sure they follow legal standards and more.



The patient and the gestational carrier take medications to synchronize menstrual cycles and therefore ovulation.

The future mother takes hormones to stimulate follicle maturation and gets her oocytes collected through the pain free procedure of ovum aspiration. If it is not possible or desired, donor oocytes or frozen oocytes of the patient can be used instead.

The surrogate receives therapy which prepares her for pregnancy, by helping to develop the uterine lining.

At the next stage the oocytes are fertilized by the semen of the future father.

After a few days the healthiest embryos - 1 or 2 are implanted into the womb of the surrogate. “Create U Future” provides the opportunity to save unused embryos for later storage.

Pregnancy management and delivery


"Create U Future" provides pregnancy management services. Our coordinators are always ready to report the progress of the pregnancy.

Giving birth is the last crucial stage in the surrogacy through IVF protocol, inasmuch as it is in the maternity hospital, where the already born child is delivered to its biological parents.

Our attorneys prepare all the necessary documents for registering a baby at the registry office under the names of his/her genetic parents as well as the birth mother's agreement.

How much does IVF surrogacy cost?

The price of IVF surrogacy is about 80 000$ - 200 000$.

This cost includes insurance, gestational carrier expenses, Legal, Screening and Support, IVF procedure, embryologist, geneticist and lawyers labor. The price is affected by the country where the surrogacy mother lives, size of insurance.

This means that you could significantly lower the price if your friend or relative is ready to gestate for you.

At "Create U Future" we do our best to make IVF surrogacy affordable for you. Our financial consultants develop flexible payment plans and provide help with financial planning, finding loans.

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